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LPC Supervision

I follow the feminist model of supervision in which we develop a collaborative relationship that changes over time as you become more confident in your own abilities and gain a better understanding of the ways that power, social class, gender, culture, and personal identity play a role in our relationship and your relationship with clients. As Dr Laura Brown states, “The goal of a feminist supervision practice is to invite trainees to see how that practice either upholds or subverts structural norms of systemic marginalization, oppression, and devaluation, both in psychotherapy practice itself and in the larger social context.” It is my expectation to challenge your perceptions of therapy from your own personal belief system and to have open, honest dialogue about serving marginalized individuals and communities.

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Individual Supervision

Individual supervision occurs on Fridays at a time we agree upon and can stick to each week. Fee for service is $75 per 45 minutes.


Group Supervision

Group supervision will consist of 2-4 candidates. Fee for service is $65 per 45 minutes. Times will occur either on Fridays on in the evenings.

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You are to be prompt and prepared for each supervisory session. Being prepared means you are able to provide case files/progress notes on every client that has been seen during the week. It also means you have updated your portal and are ready for me to review.